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Tour 2018 program: Most Beautiful Guitar, all styles acoustic

A Fun and Most Enjoyable Show, NOT slow paced. Everyone leaves happy and wanting more


"So beautiful it made me cry"     "I Now Have A New Favorite Guitarist"

"Blistering fast and oh so beautiful"     " Easily the most versatile guitarist on the planet"




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Performance often includes 10 min talk: "Boost Your Brain With Only Music" 

and a short lesson: "How to Play Guitar Without Your Hands Hurting"

Watch for Jim's new teaching supplement: "How To Play Fast Runs, The Easy Way - Fingerstyle"



Song highlights:

Classical: Bach Gavottes, Scarlatti Sonatas, Ave Maria ... more

Spanish: Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Concerto de Aranjuez ... more

Latin: Jobim, Bonfá, Gipsy Kings style ... more

Country: Chet Atkins songs, You Were Always on My Mind, Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain ... more

Novel: Two songs at once (Yankee Doodle & Dixie) , Route 66 w/traffic jam

Popular: Don't Know Why (Nora Jones), Stand By Me, Maria Elena ... more

Quick Music Lesson: How to be a better musician overnight

Quick Guitar Lesson: Play without fingers hurting


All on guitars Jim designed and built by Jim, and the most beautiful sound ever, wait until you hear his incredible Baritone Guitar - Wow!

Yes, I know, everyone loves this performance.... Fall in love with the guitar, all over again, Oct. 1st


    • WHAT THIS IS: Simply The Most Beautiful Solo Guitar You Will Ever See & Hear, all-time most popular songs.

    • The most beautiful music from Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Country, Gospel, Spanish, Popular, Novel and more

    • Jim's Unique Sound Reaches Every Corner of The Room Without Being Loud, Plus The Guitars Jim Handcrafts Creates an Incredible Experience. Jim has also collaborated with Master Luthier Harvey Leach in creating two folding travel guitars. The two are working on the world's first folding travel classical guitars, to be debuted later in 2018.


    • To get the full impact of how beautiful this concert is you really must attend, however this page will give you a better idea:

    • This is a performance everyone wishes would go on and on and never end. Jim smiles most the time he is playing showing how much he enjoys the music, people simply can't get enough of this beautiful solo guitar and the incredible sound produced by the guitars he builds, this is probably why his CDs sell out so fast at each performance.



Songs you may hear at the concert:

Demo shorts, variety:

30 second shorts:
1. Bossa Nova (Insensatez, Jobim)
2. Maria Elena
3. Concerto de Aranjuez, Adagio
4. Ava Maria, Schubert


Short Demo Selections

Spanish/Classical: Recuerdos de la Alhambra. full song  

Cavatina, Theme from The Deer Hunter, full song  







Two Songs At Once, Yankee Doodle & Dixie


Country: Deed I Do, Full Song


Boogie & Gospel Song, at the same time, very fast  







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